Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Gift From Heaven

One of the most precious gifts from Heaven above,

Is the gift of a daughter for a Daddy to love!

This Daddy has been blessed with three, and we can't wait to meet her!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Notes About Our Newest Family Member

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

We are so excited to welcome another member into our family.  We expect our little blessing from God to arrive sometime around February 7.  My guess, based on previous experience, puts our bundle of joy in our arms around February 21.

Both girls are very excited about having a new sibling.  We hope to find out next week whether we will be blessed with a baby sister, or a baby brother.  Rosebud would like a sister, and Pixie said she would like a brother for Daddy!  Rosebud is looking forward to being Mommy's little helper.  Pixie rubs and kisses the baby almost daily.  It is so sweet to see them excited about the baby.  Rosebud didn't really understand when we were expecting Pixie, so it has been a very special experience this time around.

Thanks for leaving comments.  It's nice to know that people are checking in on us.  I have been feeling fine.  I have had many of the usual symptoms associated with pregnancy, along with some issues with hayfever, but otherwise the pregnancy seems to be going along well.  We are very thankful for God's blessing in our lives!