Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Head Injury

Poor Natalie fell off a chair and bumped her head. She was standing on the chair right beside me as I was doing school with Cayleigh on the computer. Natalie's feet went out in front of her, and as she fell to the floor, her head bumped on the seat of the chair. She cried as you would expect, so I scooped her up and placed my hand on the back of her head to soothe her bump. That is when I began to panic! I felt something warm and wet. My, how head wounds can bleed. I immediately called Drew to let him know that I was heading to the hospital. While on the phone, Natalie's wound had already stopped bleeding. Drew rushed home from work and we worked together to bandage her head. It was difficult because we had to shave off some hair in order to get the butterfly bandage to stick. As you might imagine, getting a 21-month old to sit still while you shave around a recent boo-boo, was no easy task. And look at all that blood on her shirt, you would have panicked too!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog the Frog

This morning Keira asked me to blog the frog. She made a frog sculpture out of homemade play-dough for a school project, and she wanted me to post it for everyone to see. It is a mommy frog and her three little babies.

Keira is a fan of frogs. She received two African Dwarf frogs for her birthday. She also has stuffed frogs, and she loves to draw them. Here's a few of Keira's many frogs.