Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Bloom Mosaic

Spring Bloom Mosaic, originally uploaded by cjmorton.

My garden is blooming!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cooking Club

I am part of a wonderful group that shares meals with each other. Once a month I shop for and prepare twelve meals. I only have to choose three recipes, and I make four of each recipe. I then meet with three other ladies, and we exchange meals. I end up with twelve different meals for my freezer. Each meal feeds four to six people, so I usually have enough food for guests, or we can have two meals from each recipe. I love our cooking club! We have been eating healthier and saving money since it is easier to shop the sales once a month instead of every week. Here is a photo of our freezer after our most recent meeting.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

All Girl!

My girls are girly girls! I got up one morning to find my girls fully dressed down to their shoes. I just had to get a picture. I love how they even have the matching color shoes.

Not Quite Yet

No, it is not quite Spring yet. Winter had to come back and threaten my awakening garden. The weathermen were reporting a huge storm, lots of schools cancelled based on their predictions. However, we only got a few inches, and it was just warm enough that everything hitting the roads melted.

New Bunk Beds

We decided that it would be fun to buy the girls bunk beds. We started looking for a set casually a few months ago just to see what is available. We were very disappointed at the quality of most of the sets that we found. They were not very sturdy. We finally decided that we were not willing to pay the price that they were asking for the set that we would like. While out shopping one day, we picked up a copy of our local classified ads and decided to see if any bunk beds were available. There was only one set of wooden bunk beds listed. It seemed obvious that they would be just the ones that the Lord would provide for us, so we called.

The owners, Phil and Rita, were a very nice couple. They had bought the bunk beds a few years ago for their grandchildren to sleep in when they came to visit. They had not been used very much. They also were selling the like new mattresses with the beds. She had kept them covered with waterproof mattress covers to protect the mattress from "accidents." And, they also gave us some flannel sheets. What a bargain. We are so pleased with the bunk beds, and the girls are ecstatic! Drew and I set the bunk beds up while the girls were playing at a friends house, and when Keira saw them set up she ran to her Daddy and said, "Oh thank you, Daddy. I like my bunk beds." Yes, definitely worth every penny!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Visit with Granny and Grandpa

Here are some pictures that Granny took of our visit to Copper Mountain.

Drew's parents and sister, Fiona, came for a weekend visit. They also brought Fiona's friend, Anna along. Anna is an exchange student from Hungary. We stayed up at Copper Mountain for two nights and did some skiing and snowboarding. The girls have really improved their skills on their second trip skiing. Our four year old was able to ski all the way down a green slope without any help. Our two year old did very well also. She was able to stand up and ski, but needed some help stopping. It was fun to see others reactions to our tiny two year old on skis! Both girls enjoyed skiing very much. They especially enjoyed riding the lift up the mountain. It was nice to have Granny and Grandpa along so that Drew and I could enjoy some snowboarding also. I have to say though, I thoroughly enjoyed riding the lift with our girls and watching them ski. It's hard to beat the experience of teaching your children to do something and then enjoying that activity together as a family.