Thursday, August 13, 2009


We are grateful that Keira's finger is healing so well.  We are still waiting on the fingernail to reappear, but otherwise it is looking great!  Thanks to all who said prayers on her behalf.  Drew was able to wrap Keira's finger so that she could enjoy the pool and the beach while we were on vacation.  I am working on downloading and organizing photos so that I can post some soon.

I wanted to post about Keira's new habit so that I do not forget it.  She has started saying, "Umm-ee-umm" when she needs a second to figure out what she is trying to say.  Keira's mind is always running at the speed of light and it is amusing to hear her talk..."Mommy can I have some umm-ee-umm cheese?"  I absolutely must get this habit on video because she says it so fast and it makes me smile.