Friday, January 22, 2010

11 Months

Natalie is eleven months old, and will soon be celebrating her birthday! We are enjoying her more every day. She has learned to get down the stairs safely, so now she can get anywhere in the house. We have to be very careful to watch her so she does not get into too much trouble (like playing in the toilet or putting small toys in her mouth!) She has learned a few words, ma-ma, da-da, hi and more.

I especially enjoy that Natalie has learned to give kisses. She smacks her lips together and expects you to kiss her. When Drew comes home from work she will smile really big and then start smacking her lips together until he kisses her. So Adorable! Natalie really loves the phone, and she will talk a little bit to her Daddy when he calls. She will put just about anything that remotely resembles a phone up to her ear and say, "hi."

Natalie also loves to play with the dishes while I am loading the dishwasher. She enjoys sitting and looking at the pictures in a book. She is still very attached to her favorite blankie that a friend made. She has to have it when falling asleep. Her sisters absolutely adore her, and so do her parents!