Thursday, July 15, 2010

Helping Daddy

It melts my heart to see things like this. I love how Drew invites his children to be involved in what he is doing. He seems to have an endless amount of patience with his girls. I fondly remember being my Dad's little helper when I was a girl. He taught me the names of his tools so that I could go and fetch things for him, and I was happy to help. At least...that is how I remember it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keira's Stitches

In July 2009, Keira's finger was pinched in a door (see post here.) In July 2010, Keira again needed stitches. This time she was playing soccer barefoot in the backyard when she stepped on the lawn edging. Keira was so brave! I was playing with the girls when it happened, and she looked down at her foot and rather calmly said, "Oh, Mommy." Due to her response, I was rather shocked to see her injury, and I was not so calm. Thankfully, the Lord helped me to respond how I needed to...I called Drew! I also grabbed a washcloth to put pressure on her wound. I was amazed, and thankful, at how quickly the bleeding stopped. Blood makes me woozy, especially when it is coming from my child. By the time I had the three girls buckled into the car, Drew was home, and he drove us to the doctor's office. (We learned last year that you can have stitches done at the doctor's office and skip the emergency room.) Here is a before and after photo of her injury. Click on it to enlarge it if you really want to see how awful it was...12 stitches!!!
Unfortunately, our pediatrician wasn't comfortable stitching this injury. She referred us to another office and off we went. They took Keira back to the procedure room right away...very unlike our experience at the emergency room last year. Keira was very interested and watched most of the work done. They cleaned out her wound which Keira handled very well. Then they started the shots. As you know, the shots did hurt and she complained a bit. At one point Keira pulled her foot away and actually bent the needle that the doctor was using. Ouch! Once her foot was numb, Keira layed back and played the bubble game on Drew's cell phone while the doctor put in the twelve stitches. I only gave Keira one dose of ibuprofen for the pain. I wish I had her pain tolerance.

Keira had to stay off her foot for several days, and she had to stay out of the pool. We had just started our two-week swimming lessons. This was the hardest part of the injury for her. We either had to carry her, or push her in the stroller. I was thankful that she could fit in our jogging stroller because it was difficult to get around with her and Natalie by myself. We are so grateful that her foot healed up without complications and it doesn't bother her anymore.

Friday, July 09, 2010


We went to Cancun last week to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe that it has been that long! We had a very nice relaxing trip just the two of us. We ate some fabulous food, sat by the pool, played beach volleyball, and went for long walks on the beach. Even though we missed the girls, it was nice to know that they were being well cared for by a family in our church.