Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Juicy Repair?

While having an afternoon snack together the other day with our 4-year-old, Pixie, she said to me, "Mommy, you picked a nice juicy re-pear!"  I grinned and asked her a question about her pear to see if I had heard her correctly.  Sure enough, she called her pear a "re-pear."  Hee Hee.  I would have thought that by four years old, she would know what a pear is.  After all, we eat them frequently.

Our 6-year-old daughter, Rosebud, has been writing more and more.  I love getting little notes from her, or finding her stories around the house.  Her inventive spelling is adorable.  Recently, I went up to her room and found a note on the door that read, "do not inter."  (How cute is that?!)  Thankfully, when I asked her about the sign, she told me that she didn't mean me, or Daddy, it was for the boys who were visiting our house the other day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching Up

I'm trying to get caught up before the baby arrives!  She is due to arrive in just 15 days, but I am expecting that she will be late just like her sisters.  I have been very busy "nesting" and trying to catch up with everything after a very busy holiday season.  I hope to post some more photos soon, but some things have to be taken care of first.

I was not able to visit with my family this Christmas because my doctor did not want me to travel so far this late in my pregnancy.  Many of Hubby's family did come out to visit us.  We also had a nice visit with my cousin whom I haven't seen in over eight years.  She was coming out to Colorado to visit other family members and was able to make a special visit down to visit with us as well.  We did have a nice visit with Hubby's family and even managed to make it up to the mountains for a few days.  We enjoyed some sledding, skiing and snowboarding.  Well, some of us were not allowed to participate in the snow sports, but we had a nice time anyway.

I was not able to get any Christmas cards out in the mail this year.  I had plans, I even made some lovely cards.  However, between pregnancy symptoms, sicknesses, homeschooling, preparing for guests, and life...I never got anything mailed out.  I'm sorry.  Please know that we thought about our many family members and friends, we prayed for you, and missed you.  We hope that you all had a blessed Christmas and we pray for God's blessing in your lives for the new year.  (I'm starting the envelopes for next year's Christmas cards right now just to be sure they will get done.  Although, maybe I should first make sure that I have diapers and wipes for the baby.)